2018 Call for Applications: Rights Reframed via New Media Advocacy Project

Received via email from info@newmediaadvocacy.org:

NMAP and the International Partnership for Human Rights invite applications for a 10-month mentorship program designed to support activists in creating and distributing media advocacy projects that challenge the way human rights are framed in countries of the former Soviet Union .

Over the course of the program, participants will produce short media works for distribution in their own countries.

The media produced may be in any format that can be shared with the public (e.g. short-form video, web-docs, interactive or multimedia installation, AR/VR, animation, crowd-sourced community storytelling, photography, etc.) and should aim to support a larger, ongoing campaign or advocacy goal.

In many parts of the world, human rights struggle to overcome a negative public image. This is partly because states have sought to suppress support for human rights by controlling its image on mainstream media outlets, but also because positive counter messaging struggles to engage audiences, and forms of alternative distribution are under explored.

This program proposes to influence attitudes towards human rights issues by experimenting with new approaches to storytelling and exploring more creative forms of audience engagement. This program is open to participants affiliated with human rights organizations or individual activists, who are passionate about human rights issues and want to positively influence attitudes towards these issues by experimenting with new narratives that go beyond traditional approaches.

Applicants representing ethnic, religious, linguistic, and/or sexual minorities are strongly encouraged to apply.

For the full call and to download the application in English and Russian, go here.


Deadline extended to August 13th. See details received by email below:

NMAP and the International Partnership for Human Rights have extended the application deadline for our 10-month media mentorship program.

The program is seeking 10 participants from the following former Soviet countries: Ukraine, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Georgia, and Azerbaijan.

Preference will be given to maintaining a geographical and gender balance among participants as well as covering a wide range of human rights issues.

Applicants representing ethnic, religious, linguistic, and/or sexual minorities are strongly encouraged to apply.

Application deadline: August 13, 2018 at midnight EDT

Those accepted to the program will be notified by August 29, 2018.

Please send applications to info@nmap.co with the subject line “Application for Rights Reframed 2018”

Download the application here

ссылка на заявку на русском языке

Please share this call for proposals with your networks! Especially if you have networks in any of the above countries.

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