2019 Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy, March 26

Please find below information on the Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy. If you are not able to attend in person, many of the panels will be available to watch on the event website. For more information check out the event website:

Now in its 10th year, the Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy assembles each year hundreds of courageous dissidents and human rights victims, activists, diplomats, journalists and student leaders to shine a spotlight on urgent human rights situations that require global attention.

The event will be hels on th heels of the United Nations Human Rights Council’s main annual session.

The Geneva Summit is sponsored by a coalition of 25 human rights NGOs from around the world. This annual conference builds on the success and momentum of the previous gatherings, which have been widely acclaimed in the international human rights community.

Human rights heroes, activists and former political prisoners from China, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Pakistan, Russia, Venezuela and other countries testify about their personal struggles for human rights, democracy and freedom, and join hands to plan action strategies.

The Geneva Summit has been featured in media around the globe, including CNN, Agence France Presse, AP, The Australian, the Wall Street Journal, Spanish news agency EFE, Radio Free Europe and ANSA.

Join the 700+ people who have reserved their spots to make sure you don’t miss out on the event of the year. Attendance is free, but registration is mandatory! Sign up today to join.


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