2019 Global Youth Justice Training in Las Vegas this 6/18-20/19

Registration Open – 22nd Global Youth Justice Training to Establish and Enhance Youth-Led and Volunteer-Driven Diversion Programs called Youth/Teen/Student/Peer Court this June 18-20, 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Registration for Global Youth Justice Trainings are SUBSIDIZED for purposes of increasing Access to Justice Services for Youth Offenders involved with Justice Systems and Advancing the Rule of Law for Youth Volunteers, and Adult Legal Advocates who serve as Case Mentors. Registration is only $195 and Resort Rooms are only $56 per night. Registration Information @ Upcoming Trainings | Global Youth Justice or E-Mail Scott.Peterson@GlobalYouthJustice.org

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this is an opportunity for youth but some things still not understanding is this training online or class attendance also if required attendance who facilitate visa and other arrangements! warm


Hello everyone! Thanks @ScottPeterson for posting this opportunity, which I flagged for a bit while I discussed it with my colleagues to make sure it met our community guidelines. Sorry for the delay.

@mrtoreye I think your concerns are correct. Scott can correct us if I am mistaken, but this seems to be an opportunity for people in the United States or who are able to get here and on their own steam and independently get their visa.

This will exclude most members of the Global Legal Empowerment Network. I would proceed cautiously with registering and payment if you do not know for certain already that you can get to Las Vegas without support.

The theme is interesting, though, and certainly aligned with what many legal empowerment practitioners are working on. We also have members in the United States, of course, for whom getting to this event is not a stretch. So if anyone here does attend, please report back here to share the learnings with the rest of the community!


People from all over the Globe attend our subsidized trainings, and we have programs in Trinidad and Tobago, Netherlands, Phillipines, etc.

The link provided in the post to this 22nd training, is very detailed this is not an on-line training. These trainings are always filled to capacity, which is why we gladly put these on every three months, as all around the globe, local communities are empowering local youth volunteers to serve as legal advocates for their peers in local grass-roots diversion programs called youth/teen/student/peer court.

As with all trainings and conferences around the globe, it is always wise to verify they are legitimate. If someone can not obtain a visa or afford to attend a training, this should not imply posts are spam or not appropriate. Thousands of organizations get funding from USAID, UNICF, UN, UNDP, Foundations and other philanthropisits, and these types of trainings, especially those affordable and reasonable should be posted if they apply to the specific group.

In our case, Global Youth Justice supports local diversion programs that are grass-roots and local youth volunteers act as legal advocates for their peers involved with justice systems. Our website for Global Youth Justice has everything public domain, so if someone can not come to a training or other event we put on, please feel free to use these resources developed by the Center for Civic Education, Street Law, American Bar Association, Constitutional Rights Foundation and others.

Have a nice day, Scott Peterson, CEO, Global Youth Justice, Inc.


Very interesting as a I am young lawyer, payment is obstacle. I hope those who will attend will share with us