A Research Into the Education system of Uganda,

A review of the Education system of Uganda, and a broader view of the system in Africa gives us answers as to why development remains in iur theories in most African states. As a result, a group of 12 students mobilized from the Universities of Uganda under the umbrella of the NEW ERA MOVEMENT, a young student movement, have undertaken an obligation to carry out an extensive research in the education system of Uganda and some few African countries to establish what goes wrong that needs to be corrected for us to take off. Using Uganda as a base, we hope to drive an academic revolution in Africa. The research will be answering these questions:

  1. What is the current state of education?
  2. What major defects need to be addressed?
  3. Whether there are lessons we need to borrow from other systems?
  4. And what practical steps can be taken to address this academic rhetoric so as to realize the full potential of Uganda and Africa at large. The research which is commencing in mid June this year, will lay out recommendations of correcting the defects of the education system.

The research is meant to cover areas like the cost of education, the determination of the curriculum and its base, and the time taken during the course of learning. For purposes of comparison, the researchers intend to carry out a bench mark exercise in other systems like Canada, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Tunisia, China, South Korea, Singapore and Libya. The students who have already started doing their best are however limited by insufficient resources given that the nature of the research requires funds to be successful.

This is therefore partly a call for those interested in Africa and Uganda particular in education to extend a helping hand to facilitate this honorable cause. The aid can be in form of finance or information which is deemed useful to the researchers.

@PROSPERAHABWE how did this go? are there opportunities for replication in Kenya?

actually we considered the system in Kenya, and found out that it is more or less like that in Uganda. We however paid a big consideration to Finland.

@PROSPERAHABWE thanks for the feedback, we are open for collaboration incase anything else comes up

will be grateful. By the way, we have a student’s charity organization named the ANOTHEN FOUNDATION which currently is student funded paying for now 20 primary school kids from disadvantaged families, mostly from the slums of kampala. We would wish to expand on the number but are limited by financial resources. Any connections as to back ups would be appreciated .