Communications Internship Opportunity with Namati

Dear friends,

Namati is looking to hire a part-time intern to help our communications team share Namati’s story with the world. The successful candidate will be an organized self-starter with a good eye for design and visuals.

This is a part-time, paid position, which will be compensated hourly. Please note you must already be eligible to work in the United States to be considered for this position. For further details about this opportunity, click here.

We encourage you to apply or to kindly share this opportunity with your contacts and friends. You can email this link to the job description, tweet it by clicking here, or share our announcement on Facebook.

Warm regards, McKinley Charles - Communications Consultant, Namati


Done! I shared it on facebook, mentioning a teacher at my old high school in DC, the Washington International School. Hopefully she will share this with recent graduates and also keep Namati in mind in fiuture.

BTW, I think the discourse announcements are awesome too but do think they would be more effective coming from someone closer to the position being offered. Ashley or I can always help you change the author of these posts.