DEADLINE JUNE 30th to apply for the Innovating Justice Challenge from HiiL

June 30th is the deadline to apply for the Innovating Justice Challenge, sponsored by HiiL. For more information, click this link or read more from HiiL below:

Our Challenge this year looks for the most innovative startups tackling the biggest legal issues in their communities. The HiiL Justice Accelerator (HJA) team, especially, looks for innovators working on the following ‘justice pain points’: Employment, Family Justice, Migration and Human Trafficking, Law Enforcement and Crime, Land and Property Rights, and Neighbor Disputes. If you have an idea or startup be sure to apply for our challenge by June 30th for up to 20,000 EUR of non-equity funding and business development. Upcoming Events

HiiL will be participating in the World Justice Forum July 10-13 providing training sessions, facilitating discussions, and presenting on justice entrepreneurship and some of the innovations we are proud to support.

We are have finalised the dates of our local Boostcamps for the 2017 Challenge. We welcome anyone who is in the area to attend the camps to meet our finalist! More information about these events will be posted on our website.

Uganda - Kampala - 8th September Kenya - Nairobi - 22nd September South Africa - Johannesburg - 22nd September Netherlands - The Hague - 26th September Ghana - Accra - TBA Ukraine - Kiev - 28th September Tunisia - Tunis - 29th September

Update from HiiL Justice Accelerator Team

We have had a strong start to the year with of our challenge and acceleration track. We have hosted over 30 events all over Africa, Ukraine, The Netherlands, and the Middle East to spread the open call for justice innovations. What an incredible feat thanks to the hard work of our local agents: Adam Oxford our Innovating Justice Agent for South Africa, Ahmed Farah our Innovating Justice Agent for East Africa, and Olufunbi Falayi our Innovating Justice Agent for West Africa!

We are also happy to announce the expansion of our team with THREE new agents! Brian Ndyaguma our Innovating Justice Agent for Uganda, Prince Anim our Innovating Justice Agent for Ghana, and Themba Mahleka our Innovating Justice Agent for Southern Africa. Who have also help make this year’s challenge our best yet!

Additionally, our agent Dmitry Foremnyi from Ukraine has welcomed a new baby girl into his family!

We have also set our BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) for HiiL: By 2030, 150 million people will be able to prevent or resolve their most pressing justice problems!

Wilfried and our local agent Dmitry have done an amazing job organising local pitch events and Hack-A-Thons creating a community of justice innovators in Kiev over the last year.

Wilfried felt really inspired after his trip in Ukraine, stating that it is: “one of those history in the making places.” “[HiiL has] had an impressive impact on the innovation ecosystem here already after a year of continuous engagement on the ground - after the JNS report of Ukraine […] HiiL is thrusted forward as laying the foundations here of a movement.”

Ongoing Progress of Startups

J2P - now in first sales stage as they are in talks with various partners. They have been working with Justice Law and Order Sector, an arm of Uganda government that governs all justice organs. They are also working on partnership agreements with BareFoot Law, Uganda Women Network and Uganda Women Media Association.

The MOH NI BAH Project - has undergone a major evolution since the acceleration program with HiiL, they have a new website. Moh Ni Bah has finalised its web and mobile application based on the specifications provided by the Ministry of the Interior. They have selected 20 villages where the pilot of the project will be carried out and are waiting for an agreement on the start date with the Ministry of the Interior.

IMAPP - has contracted new partners in the areas of marketing, business development, strategic planning and corporate restructuring. IMAPP has also refined, re-branded and optimised its app to give the low income earners, especially those who don’t have access to Internet, a smooth user experience, through an integrated USSD acquisition and payment gateway on IMAPP micro. Their product has drawn the attention of the Federal Government through the Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment, of which they have received professional support in various ways. They are pleased to enter the go-to-market phase.

FarmingBay - has managed to get feedback and improve their solution by working and testing their solution with a selected pilot group of farmers and traders. HiiL’s support advice and mentorship has helped FarmingBay create a team and execution strategy for the coming months.

Citizen Justice Network - has extended its reach to an office in Ficksburg, on the border with Lesotho (a country entirely landlocked by South Africa). This means their radio programming is gaining fascinating insights into the xenophobia and citizenship disputes facing this area. Citizen Justice Network is also developing a second series of their podcast Alibi (a South African version of “Serial”) - listen to the first series at

DIYLaw - exited beta and launched their new website end of January 2017. In the last 6 months, they have registered over 200 businesses. They have, also, finalised partnerships with the Lagos State Employment Trust Fund and Fate Foundation, and are in advanced discussions with Diamond Bank and Guarantee Trust Bank. Exploring B2B strategies in the next couple of months for their next growth phase and plan to embark on fundraising mid Q3/Q4.

Lawyers 4 Farmers - has reached over 200 smallholder farmers in Northern Uganda.Through their SMS based platform, farmers receive basic legal information in their local languages and instant response to queries they submit. In partnership with Africa Agribusiness Academy, Lawyers 4 Farmers shall roll out to 6 other regions of Uganda and also set up a micro legal insurance scheme for their farmers.

Famalia - has been able to move from ideation to a working prototype. They have partnered with the High Court of Kenya in Kiambu, which is actively using their Case Management System with over 1300 cases uploaded. Interested parties can now get the status of their cases via SMS instead of travelling to the court registry, thereby saving time and money.

AnthonyRhodes - separated its family package at the end of May 2017 into a standalone platform for easier navigation and quick access to justice for families called WEMORA where all family services are directly available. WEMORA is working with the Lagos State Domestic violence and Emergency Response Team to provide an online logic platform to spread access to justice to victims of domestic violence. The platform will be able to predict and suggest what their legal options should be in each situation. The Lagos State Domestic violence and Emergency Response Team has more than 100 cases per month and will promote WEMORA’s divorce eligibility, prenup and postnup services to safeguard survivors, curb the perpetrators. In April, a Real estate firm, GTEX HOMES, opened communications for a B2B partnership with WEMORA to extend their deed services to their clients under WEMORA’s family package.

Easytender (Law firm “Pravoe Delo”) - is showing steady progress by increasing the number of consultations from 70 to 350 per month and transactions with customers doubling. They have also launched their new website. Easytender has found partners and are preparing to develop and implement a bot on tenders. This will significantly simplify and increase the number of users who will have easier access to legal advice in public procurement.

Legal Alarm - updated their mobile app, it is available in both the Apple Store and Google Play. Legal Alarm has been marketing its platform over TV, radio, and at dozens of conferences. They have signed an agreement with one of the biggest bank in Eastern Europe - OTP bank. They have made dozens of sales, updated their website and provided access to justice through their solution.

mSME Garage - Has registered more than 2600 users with over 250 of the users accessing the services at least once a week. mSME Garage has made numerous partnerships with ThinVoid, UCC, ACIA, and Outbox. With ThinVoid, mSME garage will work with over 5000 boda boda cyclists, who face huge problems with law enforcement agencies and legal compliance. mSME Garage through its partnership with UCC and Outbox will provide young innovators the support necessary to strengthen and grow their innovations into legally sound businesses. Additionally, through its partnership with ACIA, mSME garage will be providing ACIA 2017 winners and runner-ups with legal support services for their businesses; they also were able to provide a legal clinic at the ACIA Exhibit where they registered 100 business.

Puliida - an Ugandan non-profit organisation dedicated to providing farmers and agribusinesses with simplified legal information and training-- Puliida has launched a free simple legal information mobile app. All the information accessed via the App can be found on their web portal. They have created content on land, family and cooperatives; more resources will be available in the coming months. The Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) is sponsoring the Puliida team to take part in Uganda’s largest agriculture trade show in July. Their team will set up a legal clinic. Puliida has built partnerships with a number of organisations including Uganda National Farmers Federation (UNFFE), CURAD, the Uhuru Institute and Uganda Cooperative Alliance.

Ligo - partnered up with leading law firm Loyens & Loeff to provide startups with greater access to premium legal services. For instance, a fintech startup as Ligo member can now have free legal phone consultations with specialized Loyens & Loeff lawyers regarding complex regulatory rules and its corporate structure.

Sauti - has been able to finalise the development of their mobile trade information and social accountability platform for cross-border traders. They launched the platform with an initial cohort of 40 traders in June and plan to launch to the wider trader community on the Kenya/Uganda border in July. Sauti has also been able to pursue new partnerships, including with Safaricom, the East African Community Secretariat, Ministry of EAC Affairs in Kenya, Kentrade and Infortrade and secure further funding for Sauti from the Palladium Let’s Make It Possible Challenge Fund.

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