Doria Feminist Fund: Grants available

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Doria Feminist Fund is an activist-driven feminist fund supporting feminist movement building, knowledge production, and collective learning in the Middle East and North Africa. Based on the feminist principles of solidarity, collaboration, diversity, and community engagement, Doria Fund supports new and emerging feminist collectives, groups, and individual projects with core, flexible funding, knowledge production grants, and collaborative project grants. Doria Fund grantee partners are bold, they are breaking barriers, they are unapologetic, they are connected, and they are the creators of their own narratives.

Doria Feminist Fund seeks to transform shared resources, collective learning, and feminist solidarity in the MENA region by co-creating, with the Doria community, a framework for a feminist fund that redefines how activists access resources, how knowledge and information is created, shared and applied around the politics of funding, and by deconstructing the narratives that place financial gain and growth over community, collectivization, shared resources, and solidarity. Through core, flexible support to new, emerging, and under-resourced feminist groups across the region, Doria’s grants empower activists to choose their own way forward, highlight and embrace differences, and build a narrative that is based on their own lived experiences.


Doria Feminist Fund supports new and emerging feminist groups, collectives, and individuals with flexible funding in three main areas: Core, Flexible Grants, Knowledge Production Grants, and Collaborative Project Grants. Doria grants are open to any feminist group or collective in the MENA region, however, Doria will prioritize applications from groups that have not received funding or financial support in the past.

  • Core, Flexible Grant: Groups may apply for core grants through Doria Fund. Core grants are flexible funds that groups may use to sustain the general operations of their group’s activities. Core, Flexible Grants are tailored to enable groups to lead decision-making for how their funding is used to support their operations. Core, flexible grants may be used for office rent, equipment/supplies, salaries, project activities, capacity building, and more. In addition to receiving the grant, Doria grantees will receive direct support and mentorship from the Doria community to support with building and strengthening capacities that will ensure the sustainability of the group after receiving Doria funding. Core, Flexible Grants range between $5000-$7000 USD.

  • Knowledge Production Grant: Groups, collectives, and individuals may apply for Knowledge Production Grants as part of Doria Fund’s commitment to fostering unique narratives of the feminist movement in the MENA region by and for feminists in the region. Working within the Creative Commons framework, content produced through the grant will be shared publicly, and accessible to the public, while remaining under the ownership of the content creators. Knowledge Production Grants are open to projects that highlight the lived experiences and realities of the feminist movement in the MENA region, through any medium including creative writing, translation to Arabic, convenings/workshops on feminist themes, publishing educational materials on women, gender, and feminist issues in the MENA region, and more. Knowledge Production Grants are awarded up to $10,000 USD.

  • Project Grants: The Project Fund is a $5,000 - $10,000 USD grant to established feminist groups seeking to provide technical and political support that may enable groups who are seeking to establish new programs or start a new activities. Project Grants aim to encourage groups that have ongoing, funded, activities to keep up with changing political contexts and community needs by supporting them financially and technically as they mindfully expand their work. Doria Fund encourages groups to broaden the scope of their work and to adopt new feminist practices and mechanisms that further their current work as well.

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