Funding opportunities for groups in Bosnia, Herzegovina, Kosovo

Bosnia and Herzegovina:

This program supports NGO efforts to promote grassroots democracy, viable civil society in BiH, respect for human rights, and the promotion of Euro-Atlantic integration. This may be accomplished through media outreach, public advocacy campaigns, workshops, and other projects. Grant-funded civil society organizations may focus on youth empowerment – promoting youth participation in the economy, politics, government and society. This may involve youth employment (non-formal education about the market economy, entrepreneurship, job searching techniques, networking etc.) and youth activism (effective engagement in public advocacy actions to protect the environment, counter corruption, etc., as well as the development of youth leadership, communication and negotiation skills). Additionally, organizations may address the promotion of Euro-Atlantic integration and human rights including projects focused on LGBT issues, gender equality, and support for people with disabilities and minorities.


The Matra Fund supplements the European Commission’s efforts and aims to help countries strengthen democracy and the rule of law, thus enhance stability.

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