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Network grant - AmplifyChange

Network grants are now open for ‘concept note’ applications. The closing date is Thursday 26 August at 5:00pm (UK time). The concept note application form can be found online, via our grants dashboard. Successful applicants will be invited to submit a full application.

Since 2015 AmplifyChange has run four Network funding rounds, awarding 93 Network grants. The purpose of a Network grant is to contribute to the development of stronger and more inclusive movements advocating for Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) in sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia and Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

Network grants ensure a movement is resourced. Our appraisal of applications will therefore include an assessment of how resources are allocated across partners to contribute to equitable and effective allocation of resources across a movement.

Please see the specific eligibility criteria listed in the sections below for each Network grant call.


Join our webinar

We are hosting a webinar for Network grant applicants on 13 August 2021, 10:00am (UK time). During the webinar, we will give a brief introduction of AmplifyChange and cover the rules and eligibility criteria for Network grants. There will be time for Q&As at the end. Please use the link below to register. A recording of the webinar will be available on this page and on our YouTube channel after the event.

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Click here to know more about eligibility criteria, available funding, etc.

@martaalmela would it be possible to get email alerts when these opportunities come up? projects.kuza@gmail.com

Hi @nollyraye, when you go to “Opportunities”, on the top right corner you should see the symbol of a bell. If you click there, you can select “Watching First Post”. With this, you will be notified via email of new topics in this category. Although not all new topics in “Opportunities” are funding related, a good amount of them are. Let me know if this helps and if you need any support!