Funding opportunity for groups in South Africa

From the AIDS Foundation of South Africa:

The SMALL PROJECT AND SUPPORT FUND ( SPSF) aims to empower communities to act and participate in their own development through actions that are designed, implemented and owned by the communities themselves. This is a call for applications for funding for activities that provide an immediate response to Human Rights violations (Component 2) through, for example, legal support and/or mobilisation. The activities will have the overall aim of empowering the vulnerable communities through the process and will be focused on one or more of the following:

  1. Environmental rights;
  2. Gender-Based Violence;
  3. Land redistribution and
  4. Xenophobia and Violence against immigrants and people on the move.

The maximum number of organisations that can be supported annually through this component of the SPSF is 5 and the maximum grant amount is R75000 ZAR. There are no geographical focus areas for this component.

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