Funding opportunity for women's rights groups in Myanmar

Women’s Voice and Leadership (WVL) Myanmar’s Multi-Year Funding and Support will provide approximately ten women’s rights organisations with support in four key areas. This includes:

  1. Flexible, core and activity funding, over a period of four years (2020 - 2023)

  2. Access to fast, responsive funding to allow for timely, strategic responses to unforeseen events, and to pilot innovative ideas

  3. Organisational strengthening and strategy development support to boost management, performance and sustainability

  4. Support to strengthen and empower networks, coalitions and movements to mobilise women’s collective action to lead change

WVL Myanmar’s Multi-Year Funding and Support is open to Myanmar-based women’s rights organisations and networks.

Applicants must have a minimum three years of operational experience and be either an emerging, Yangon-based women’s rights organisation, OR a sub-national women’s rights organisation.

cc @timmillar @yeyinth

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It is great opportunity. I hope groups from Myanmar will grab the chance