Funding Opportunity - USAID/Senegal Governance for Local Development (Feb 2016)

Dear friends, The US Agency for International Development (USAID)/Senegal has just released a new Request for Information (RFI) opportunity called, “Senegal Governance for Local Development Activity”, solicitation number RFI-685-16-GOLD. Proposed activities should last for five years. Note, this RFI is issued solely for information and planning purposes and does not constitute a Request for Applications or Proposals (RFA/RFP).

Funder: The opportunity will be funded by USAID, the lead U.S. Government agency that works to end extreme global poverty and enable resilient, democratic societies.

With the Government of Senegal, USAID improves lives by creating jobs, improving access to education and health care, strengthening democratic institutions, and developing the agriculture sector to increase production and incomes.

Responses due date: February 10, 2016

Award ceiling: $20,000,000

Goal: To tackle local governance, citizen-state relations, and accountability concerns that are common across all USAID/Senegal program areas.


Specifically, the Governance for Local Development Activity seeks to strengthen:

  1. Collectivités Locales’ (decentralized government authorities at the municipal and district levels, henceforth referred to as “CL”) and citizens’ understanding of the roles and responsibilities of elected and appointed CL officials;

  2. The planning, budget management, and administrative capacity of local government entities to mobilize and accountably manage resources for local service and infrastructure needs; and

  3. Community participation in the local governance process and ability to provide oversight for improved service delivery.

I’ d like to more precision about this funding opportunity if is only for Senegal citizen

Hello Blaise! Thanks for writing. It’s good to see you in the discussions. The deadline for this opportunity was last February, but USAID is always offering new opportunities.

@deylacurtis when you get back online in January and get this can you add a link to the source for this post if you can still find it and also add the best link for researching USAID grants to our recurring opportunities wiki topic? Or @caitlinsislin would you have this information?

@Blaise you may want to check it as well - let us know if you find it useful, or if you have suggestions for additions to the list for others. The link is below.

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@amandapadilla may also have some information about info sources for USAID funding opportunities.

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Thanks @tobiaseigen + @caitlinsislin. USAID opportunities can be found via their site, but the most exhaustive list can be found on @Blaise- click here for grant opportunities filtered with the search term “Senegal”. You can also broaden the search as you see fit via the same link. Good luck!

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Thanks amanda Padilla