International Land Coalition's Community Land Initiative (applications deadline 4 Oct, 2017)

The International Land Coalition (ILC) has extended their deadline to apply for the Community Land Initiative until October 1st. The initiative, launched in conjunction with IIED and Namati, is an exciting opportunity to explore community land protection methods in an extensive, peer-to-peer learning program.

More details and a link for the application can be found below from ILC:

Community Land Initiative Protecting our land for a prosperous future

Demand for recognition and protection of indigenous and community land rights is at an all-time high. Around the world, ILC members are mobilising to help communities claim and defend their customary land rights. To build on and advance these efforts, the International Land Coalition (ILC), Namati, and the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) are thrilled to launch the Community Land Initiative and invite applications to become part of the first group of peer-learners.


Over the course of a year (2017-18), participants will learn together how to best support communities to:

  • Create and adopt strong by-laws that ensure democratic governance; diverse, downwardly accountable leadership; and improved stewardship of lands and resources;
  • Establish strong protections for the land rights of women and other marginalized groups;
  • Harmonise the boundaries of their lands with their neighbors, then map, zone and document their lands as owned or used by the community as a whole;
  • Formally register their land claims, if possible within their nation’s legal framework;
  • Create a vision for their community’s future prosperity, establish systems for deciding whether (or not) to share community land with potential investors, and learn how to negotiate fair, beneficial contracts that promote community interests and economic development.

The Initiative will fund each participating organisation to support two to three communities to actively protect community land. Communities will be better equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary for equitable, empowered engagement with private sector actors – to scrutinise contracts, negotiate partnerships or hold investors to account.

Submit your application to by 1 October




Have explored the opportunity but it appears having limitations; that is, consideration is only given to representatives from ILC member organizations. Some of us from this end, wanted to join the network longtime ago but procedures involved seems requiring alot. Can NAMATI help us in this.

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Miren esta oportunidad, les pude interesar a : @nrrubendario, @burdiles, @DanielaI, @Belenlegui, @freddyilsa, @JuanAuz, @manolomorales, @anon35809337, @fromero


Hi @LibanGolicha, good to hear from you!

My understanding is that becoming an ILC member is not that difficult - you have to fill out a one-page form, an organizational profile form, and get two NGOs who are already members to write a basic letter of recommendation. Then they vote on new members every few years at their semi-annual meetings.

In fact, Ogiek People’s Development Program (OPDP) and the Kenya Land Alliance (KLA) were some of the first members of the initiative, so @SAMORAI, @OginaHill, @davidarach would be much more informed to help you join if you were still interested.

Dear Liban,

As Otto has guided its not difficult.Though applications were open early in the year till around May.You can still try amd we can link you up.

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Michael, you forgot MBOSCUDA also member, and this alone I signed 5 endorsement letter to 5 different organisation applying for ILC membership.

So its not very difficult.

But who MBOSCUDA as well applied for the ILC community Land initiative. Please if you any ideas help.



Hi Musa! Great to hear from you. Hoping all is well with you and your colleagues at MBOSCUDA in Cameroon. If you applied for this opportunity and are waiting to hear back, I’d suggest you follow up with them at Let us know how you get on!

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Hi Tobias, Yes I’m doing the follow up with them. and hoping that it work.


That’s great. Thanks for letting us know. Looks like applications for this opportunity are now closed so I updated the title of this topic.