Investigation into protection from sexual exploitation and abuse, during covid-19 pandemic

As Human Development Network And Education Support, we are a registered Zambian organization, that is currently working on the project, aiming at carrying investigation into protection from sexual exploitation and abuse, during covid-19. While conducting research, in other African countries, quite number of covid-19 patients, in their quarantine center, when some seems to recover, mostly are been sexually abused. Just recently, there was a news from Kenya where a lady who was in a quarantine center was raped. And here in Zambia during the lockdown, a young man impregnated his two sisters. As we are carrying investigation into sexual exploitation and abuse, many cases are been surfaced, during covid-19 pandemic. And this as lead has to discuss and plan how we can protect women and adolescent girls from sexual exploitation and abuse. One of the plans solutions we have come up with is to created enter community communication agency, whereby we will create reporting communication chaneeles to report such cases, and to increase awareness of reporting communication channels is sexual exploitation and abuse cases, even in quarantine centers this communication channels will be made available, such as hotline toll free, and other discovered communication channels. And our organization is still in it infancy that’s need support to deliver its objectives, and we believe that, government, NGOS, Private sectors, and other civil society organizations should come together to support the clause, and for the successful deliverables outcomes. And to discuss more on on what this pandemic of covid-19, it has contributed to sexual exploitation and abuse, and what could be the solutions.


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