[JOB OPPORTUNITY] Executive Associate at Namati

Hello all,

We’re still on the search for our next Executive Associate, who will support our CEO (@vivekmaru) and COO (@indirasarma) in Namati’s Washington, DC office.

The job requires great attention to detail, excellent writing and communication skills, and enthusiasm not only for the mission of Namati, but for the daily work of the role: managing complex travel itineraries, troubleshooting minor tech issues, and working with our senior leaders on research projects.

If anyone from this community knows of a good match for this position, please send the link their way: https://namati.recruiterbox.com/jobs/fk0fekp

Please also feel free to share/repost widely on social media-

Facebook: Redirecting...

Twitter: https://twitter.com/GlobalNamati/status/1024678642532507649

Thanks so much!

cc @namati_staff


Thanks for sharing wonderful opportunity

Merci beaucoup à vous pour cette information je suis très content !