Join the Global Advocacy Initiative to Promote Community-led Development!

International Accountability Project (IAP) is pleased to share an opportunity to be a part of an initiative that seeks to promote community-led development. This initiative, as presented in this Blog post, is a follow up on experiences from IAP’s Global Advocacy Initiative where a total of eight community organizers, activists, and experts documented their experiences with development institutions and proposed alternatives for community engagement. Among the proposed alternatives was starting with the people’s plan that seeks to promote community-led development through prioritizing the needs and suggestions of local communities.

At IAP, we seek to recruit a second phase of the Global Advocacy Initiative involving activists and leaders who would like to advance community-led development. We take this opportunity to involve you in this initiative and if you are interested, we request you to provide your organization’s particulars and the role you would like to take in it. We will be delighted to hear back from you by responding to this e-mail,

In case of interest, please provide us with the following information, to the extent possible, when replying to

  • Your name or the name of your organization/community you represent;
  • If you are responding as a representative of a community, a movement, an NGO, a funder organisation or in your personal capacity;
  • The webpage of your organisation, if available;
  • The name of the contact person you wish us to reach out to for follow up;
  • What role would identify best the type of participation you would like to play in this initiative - expert, participant or funder;
  • What is the regional scope of your work or that of your organisation - global, regional, national or sub-national (please specify which, regions, states and part(s) of state(s) if applicable.