Learning & financing opportunities to develop solutions in the field of access to justice

Ukrainian Access to Justice School of Practice with great pleasure announces a call for participation in the Kyiv Legal Empowerment Practical Program (KYIV LEPP) 2020, which will be held on 23-25th, 27th, 30th November, 2020.

KYIV LEPP is 5 intensive days of exchanging experience with teams from different countries. It is a search and pilot of human-oriented solutions in the field of access to justice in accordance with national contexts.


As a KYIV LEPP 2020 participant you will get a practical solution for improving the quality of access to justice in your country / region / community. You will receive ongoing expert support during and after Kyiv LEPP.

Advantages for national teams:

  • The opportunity to develop custom solutions to improve quality of access to justice with ongoing expert support.
  • Strengthening of intersectoral interaction (state, public, private sectors), improving coordination and communication at the national level.
  • Innovative design of KYIV LEPP 2020 for generating ideas and developing non-standard solutions.
  • The opportunity to become part of the international community of access to justice practitioners.
  • The team that successfully completes the KYIV LEPP 2020 will receive legal and tech expert support for the development and implementation of the solution.

Who may participate? We invite national teams that include representatives of institutions and communities working in the field of access to justice, and close, namely: • Paralegals, mediators, social workers, activists. • Representatives of vulnerable and marginalized communities. • Leaders of local communities (municipalities, local government, etc.). • State and non-state legal aid providers. • Advocates. • Representatives of Ministries and State Agencies. • Other interested parties.

How to participate? Selection to KYIV LEPP 2020 is carried out on a competitive basis. Participation in the competition involves four stages:

1. You, representing an organization or initiative, submit an intersectoral team of your colleagues. The team should include at least 3 representatives of different sectors in the field of access to justice. You have to register your team with an application for participation till 14 October. Please describe your idea and roles of team members in the application. The team leader fills out an application for the team here: https://cutt.ly/qgwpUm0

The team should have an agreement on a leader who registers the team and will be a contact person with the organizers. Team members are registered separately, each will receive a personal link by e-mail, which will be specified by the team leader in the team application.

2. Before November 6, go through a team video interview in ZOOM with KYIV LEPP experts. All representatives of your national team should take part in the interview. You will receive detailed instructions on how to pass a video interview, it is easy.

3. If the interview is successful, the team will need to make a short video about their idea by November 13. Based on the results of this task, the team will be considered to have been selected to participate in the KYIV LEPP 2020.

  1. Team leaders will be notified by email about the selection results by November 14

Criteria for team selection: https://cutt.ly/4gwaklM

What’s next? Five teams from different countries will be selected. The organizers will be in constant contact with you before the course starts. Upon completion of the KYIV LEPP 2020:

  • Your idea will pass the crash test and will be ready for implementation
  • You will have an action plan to implement this idea.
  • The teams that successfully complete the Program will be able to participate in the international accelerator of innovative ideas and get support.
  • Experts of KYIV LEPP will be constantly in touch with each team for assistance at the stages of implementation of the idea.
  • The development of technical solutions will be financially supported.

Participation in the Program is online in Zoom.

If you have a question, let us know via email: kyiv.lepp@gmail.com More information about Kyiv LEPP here: Kyiv Legal Empowerment Practical Program Archives - Українська школа практичних знань