Legal Empowerment and Digital ID Learning Exchange Application 2024

Legal Empowerment & Digital ID Learning Exchange Application

2024 Digital ID Learning Exchange

Discrimination and other barriers in the issuance of identification prevent the enjoyment of rights, services, and entitlements for people around the world. In many countries, without proof of identity, people are left out of development, unable to secure their right to healthcare, education, employment, financial services, political participation, and housing, among others. New digital technologies are being rolled out in national identification systems globally. These technologies often claim to facilitate service delivery or enable inclusive development. However, where discrimination and other flaws in current ID systems are not corrected, digital technologies may exacerbate exclusion and harms.

Namati and the Grassroots Justice Network are inviting applications from Network members for an in-person learning exchange on the intersection of legal empowerment and digital identity. Participants will share experiences on how legal empowerment approaches can support civil society and center grassroots communities affected by exclusion in promoting inclusion in digital ID transitions. Key topics will include shifting a paralegal program to seize a sudden opportunity, monitoring digital ID roll-out through paralegal casework, breaking down technical information for grassroots communities, multi-stakeholder coalition building, and innovative tactics for building community power to engage at a national and regional level. Participants will also visit paralegal sites throughout Kenya to learn and share around community-led responses to digital ID. At the end of the exchange, each participant will develop a work plan to translate lessons from the event into their program implementation.

Selection Criteria:

Participants will be selected based on the following criteria:

  • The applicant’s organization is engaged in community-based legal empowerment (supporting people to know, use, and shape the law) to advance access to nationality rights, identification, and/or public services.
  • The applicant’s organization is working to influence national-level law or policy around inclusion in digitization.
  • Applicant is working in a country that has transitioned or is transitioning to a national digital identity system.

Tentative dates and location for the Learning Exchange: October 7 – 18, 2024 in Kenya

To apply, please follow this link.

DEADLINE: July 12th, 2024

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