Looking for a Fund

My name is Hyder Bux Pirzada and I am from Pakistan. I am here to let every busy knows how the people of Pakistan are surviving after the disastrous rain. Since the rainy days, I have founded that, many People become helpless and homeless. Their house were destroyed by a flood and heavy rain. Know they have nothing to do many people had tried to suicide because they have lost their families and their fertile lands were demolished. Their farms were drained into rain water and due to this issue, many people are helpless and become bagger. This make me very upset so I am requesting you kindly help me for helping them. Thanks

Hi @hyderpirzada thank you for sharing about the situation in Pakistan. Access to funding is of course an important priority for many organizations. Opportunities are often shared through the forum, You might want to check out topic such as Recurring fundraising & grant opportunities for legal empowerment with good leads for funding that you can look at, and contribute to with questions or suggestions for other members.

Feel free to also check out new funding sources posted in the Opportunities category regularly.