#MwenzanguTuwasiliane: Nairobi Mediators November 2018 Meetup Invitation to Register and Attend


“Technology Transforming The Professional Mediation Practice in Africa”

Dear Mediator & ADR Partner,

Did you know that ‘November is Women In Mediation Leadership Month?’ Now you know!

WASILIANAHUB Mediators Africa, Community Mediation LegalMeds and Community ParaMediators Network in collaboration with other partners are organizing the November 2018 Meetup scheduled to be held at the IBM Innovation Centre, Nairobi (Kilimani).

The Meetup hosted monthly by Certified Mediators is a three-hour quick fire professional development, learning and networking event. We agree that great things happen when #MwenzanguTuwasiliane - Professional Mediators come together.

Our work as a Community of Practice is to support you in building a professional mediation practice and to support your clients in compliance to the Mediation Agreement using innovations in technology. We are a Mediators SkillsBank on a mission to improve the sector’s direct contribution to Kenya’s GDP, The Big 4 and Kenya Vison 2030, and for Africa aligned to AU Vision for Africa and the Global SDGs.

“…Chief Justice David Maraga approved the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) system pilot project introduced in the Judiciary more than two years ago. Since the new system was introduced in 2016, more than Sh3 billion that had been locked up in litigation was freed. A bigger portion of this came from settlements in the Commercial Division of the Judiciary. The cases were among 605 files out of 887 referred to mediation.”*

Details of the event are as follows:

· Title: Nairobi Mediators Meetup - November 2018.

· Theme: Commercial Mediation.

  • Topic: “7 Tips To Improve Your Commercial Mediation Practice; The Opportunities in Kenya”.

  • Guest Speaker: Certified Mediator Miriam Bomett.

  • Manager - Legal & Regulatory Affairs, Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM).

· Date: Friday, November 16, 2018 @ 08:30am.

· Venue: IBM Innovation Centre, Nairobi (Kilimani).

The purpose of this email is to request you to register and attend the forum. The monthly registration and Meetup fees of Kes. 1,000/ have been waivered this month. Please note that you will receive this month’s survey form for your views on Women in Mediation Leadership in Kenya.

Pre-registration is required for this event. (kindly we emphasise that the event e-ticket and a government ID is required for entry).

To help with planning, logistics and program management of the Meetup, kindly share the following details today:

(Just copy and paste, complete and email back).

  1. Full Name:

  2. Gender:

  3. Title (Ms, Mrs, Mr, Dr, Prof):

  4. Organisation Name:

  5. Profession (Field):

  6. Education, Level & Institution:

  7. Year of Mediation Certification & Level (40hour+ Certification, Diploma, Bachelor, Master, PhD):

  8. Name of Mediation Training Institution & Country:

  9. Mediation Accreditation Number (Judiciary Court-Annexed if Applicable), Country:

  10. Institutions You Are Affiliated With for Mediation & ADR Practice:

  11. Membership Bodies You Are in (Any Field):

  12. Contact; Email Address and Phone Number:


In the event you are interested in the sector and may not be in direct professional practice or you may be working in legal practice, peace work, security or related areas still fill in the above information)

Please send these details to email: wasilianahubafricamediators@gmail.com by Friday 9th November 2018.

This month’s survey form, the e-ticket, and programme will be sent to you.

If you have any queries, feel free to holla. We are delighted to be at your service and most of all kuonana uso kwa uso!

As we look forward to hearing from you, please accept our highest consideration.


God bless you!

From us all at WASILIANAHUB Team!

*Mediation frees Sh3 billion locked up in litigation :: Kenya - The Standard

“Mediation Works MUCH Faster”

WASILIANAHUB Africa - Certified Mediators.

E: wasilianahubafricamediators@gmail.com

East Africa.



Hi Wangari! Thanks for sharing this opportunity with fellow members. Your post was caught in our spam filter because of its length and content, but I have now approved it. I also tried to improve the formatting and to make it clear that you are sharing an opportunity that was originally sent by email.

I’d like to suggest that you edit it further to add a few lines at the top introducing yourself and your organization to this community, and to explain why you think legal empowerment practitioners should want to be part of your network and attend this event. :seedling:

Do report back here after the event to let us know how it went, and to share any valuable outcomes or learnings.


Ahsante Tobias.

Blessed day

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Greetings Friends,

WASILIANAHUB is an African Mediators SkillsBank building a Community of ParaMediators starting off from Kenya. Our mission is for Africa to build and tap into its own capacity.

Members of our network are currently serving in the Judiciary court annexed mediation and in private practice. As part of our Community Mediation, members offer pro bono mediation in communities.

If you are in Nairobi and work in the grassroots in legal aid, the Friday November 16th 2018 (08:30am) November Mediators Meetup would be of great value to you.

We shall run a Community Mediation segment focused on Design Thinking - Empathy Map journey on the experience of a Kenyan accessing mediation services at the Chief’s. This is to heighten the sensitivity to our pro bono LegalMediators and ParaMeds to better serve clients and disputants in their environment. Mediation Cases range from child maintenance, landlord tenant mediation, neighborly dispute, business commercial mediation, land boundary disputes, inheritance/succession mediation. Empathy EMPOWERS the mediation process.

As you also gain tips on Commercial Mediation (http://kam.co.ke/).

To register please send details to email: [wasilianahubafricamediators@gmail.com] by Friday 9th November 2018.


Blessed day

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