Namati Call for Partners: Land Paralegals in Myanmar

Community-based paralegals, also known as “grassroots legal advocates,” use knowledge of law and skills like negotiation, education, and organizing to seek concrete solutions to instances of injustice. Paralegals help people understand and use the law.

Since August 2013, Namati and a local partner organization have trained and supported a network of 30 paralegals to address a range of land issues across several states and divisions in Myanmar. Land-focused paralegals represent a specialized cadre trained to handle land registration, land classification, and land grabbing cases. Based on the experience and experimentation of Namati, our current partner, and our paralegals on the ground, we have developed an evolving paralegal model for effective program implementation and the resolution of land issues in the current Myanmar context. Namati plans to share these insights and paralegal best practices from around the world to support additional land organizations in Myanmar adopt a similar paralegal approach – expanding the availability of paralegal assistance to small-hold farmers throughout the country.

Namati is accepting applications from local or national organizations in Myanmar interested in: (1) partnering to jointly implement a land-focused paralegal program; (2) receiving technical assistance as a paralegal model is adopted or strengthened; or (3) participating in an intensive training on land paralegal best practices.

For more details and the application form, please see the files attached. Applications can be submitted in either English or Burmese and should be sent to by the deadline of May 29, 2015.

Please feel free to circulate this announcement widely!

Thank you very much,

The Namati Myanmar Program Team

Namati Call for Myanmar Partners - May 2015 MYN.pdf (447.4 KB) Namati Call for Myanmar Partners - May 2015 ENG.docx (68.8 KB)