Online Course: Activism and Citizen Journalism through Media

I just came across this interesting opportunity while exploring the member directory. @paulmcnally is one of the instructors. This appears to be a free course offered through the Internet by the Citizen Justice Network, Wits University in South Africa. Starts very soon on 19 August, 2019! If you decide to enroll, do let us know what you learn and how it shapes your work!

About this course

Media is a powerful tool for promoting social justice. If you are an activist involved in promoting or advocating for a social cause, this course will provide you with valuable information and guidance.

The course will help you to identify and pitch a newsworthy story, select appropriate media for publicising your story; and assess the impact of your story. The course also addresses working in an ethical way as both an activist and citizen journalist.

What you’ll learn

You will learn to:

  • Identify newsworthy issues
  • Define the limits and possibilities of different mobile platforms and tools
  • Identify an appropriate strategy and platform/tool to reach a defined target audience
  • Apply ethical and safe media practices

Link to enroll:


Thanks for sharing this opportunity. I learnt Citizen Journalism Course last year but it was a normal approach but this is very exciting on the issue of legal empowerment.


Great - thanks @alihaji! Does this mean this course is recurring? I am not entirely clear on how it works. If it is recurring, that would be amazing and I can update my post to reflect that. If you or anyone plan to take this course, please keep us posted here on how it works out for you.

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I learnt it in my region, it was five days training that was conducted at Dar es Salaam under the project of Feed the Future Tanzania under the supervision of USAID.

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Oh, I see - that’s interesting. So you took a “traditional” face to face training workshop, is that right? It would be pretty neat if you could also take this virtual course and report back here on how it works for you in comparison to the workshop. Maybe you can recruit one or two friends (or fellow members) to also take it along with you and you can support one another.

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Yes, it was face to face training. Thanks for your recommendation, I will take into consideration.

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