Samuel Rubin Foundation: $5K grants for groups worldwide working on peace and justice

The Samuel Rubin Foundation provides $5k grants for groups worldwide working on peace and justice. For details and to apply, visit their website at

From the website:

The Foundation’s mission is to carry on the vision of its founder, Samuel Rubin, whose life was dedicated to the pursuit of peace and justice and the search for an equitable reallocation of the world’s resources. The Foundation believes that these objectives can be achieved only through the fullest implementation of social, economic, political, civil and cultural rights for all the world’s people.

The foundation has an open application process because we are interested in learning about organizations we are not familiar with that are working for peace, social justice, and human rights.

Please review our mission statement and list of recent grantees to assess whether or not your organization or project might be a good fit for the Foundation’s purpose and interests.

There are no geographic limitations, however organizations based outside the United States must be sponsored by a U.S.-based organization with tax-exempt status. The majority of grants are $5,000.

Next deadline 4/20/20


How should we access this grant?

Hello and welcome to our community!

To learn more about this opportunity, visit the website @caitlinsislin links to in her post at Caitlin is not connected with the foundation at all and is just posting it for the benefit of network members.

Please note that this is generally true - members usually are posting about opportunities they come across and provide info about the opportunity including a link to find out more and apply.

@caitlinsislin I will edit your post to make it more clear you are quoting the website and are not yourself related to it. In future can you please use the quote feature when quoting others? Also, when you get a chance it’s a big help to everyone if you can add a line or two explaining why members should be interested. Thanks! :seedling:

Incidentally, I noticed on the Samuel Rubin Foundation website that unfortunately most network members will not be eligible because…

We do not have 501(c)(3) status from the IRS. Are we eligible to receive a grant award? No. The Foundation only awards funding to organizations classified as tax exempt by the IRS, or to organizations that are sponsored by a U.S.-based tax-exempt organization.

Can you help us obtain a U.S. fiscal sponsor? Unfortunately, we cannot.

In case you are wondering, Namati and the Global Legal Empowerment Network also are unable to help members obtain US fiscal sponsors. @caitlinsislin do you know of any organization that does do this for legal empowerment organizations? I seem to recall Tides Empowers Social Change Leaders does this but am not up to speed on if they support international orgs or not.