Scholarship Opportunities for further Studies

The Scholarship Opportunities regarding Graduate, Postgraduate, L.L.M, M.Phill, L.L.D/Ph.D etc. Courses.


Nadia could you please share the link


Hi Nadia! What are we doing here? Collecting links to websites offering promising scholarship opportunities for individuals, and then discussing those? If so that’s great and I suggest we use the first post in the topic to collect them, following the model of the topic linked below, which is about recurring grant opportunities for organizations. What do you think? I can make the first post a wiki topic so we can all edit it to add opportunities to the list.

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OK! good idea, you can make it.


Great! I have made the first post a wiki, so you can edit it (look for the little green pencil in the top right to click on to edit) to create a running list, which other members can also edit and contribute to. I suggest you use a common format for each opportunity - a title which links to the website plus maybe a sentence or two explaining why it is worthwhile for members. Thank you! :seedling:

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What’s the scoop with this topic? Can we have a volunteer to create a list of ongoing scholarship opportunities in the first post of this topic? It’s a common need for network members and it would be a big help to get a list organized.

Yes! indeed we need a volunteer to create a list of ongoing scholarships, secondly we would also be able to get intimation with updated information regarding scholarship opportunities as it will be in organized form. It has a great importance and scope for everyone as every single individual/person desires to get and avail the scholarship opportunity. But in spite of volunteer we also need to work with mutual coordination and collaboration to make it more comprehensive and effective to go through it by giving our inputs. What do you say about it?


Where is the link? It seems its not working.

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