Seeking scholarships for youth lawyers in human rights and law

Hi everyone: I am seeking scholarship for groups of youth lawyers ( male and female) from Gaza Strip - Palestine in the field of HR and IHL for couple of weeks, need you help or suggestions.


Hello @hebamourtaga - welcome to the Global Legal Empowerment Network!

We’re glad to have you here. Can you please share some more about yourself and the groups of youth lawyers needing scholarships? More information will help other community members to guide you.

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Hi Heba, Could you send some more details on who the lawyers are, who they are working for, and so on? I’d like to help and I have a few courses in mind but I’d need more details before I can make any contacts.

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Hi Tim, At the Palestinian bar association , we formulate network from tens of civil society organization , some work on provide free legal aid for vulnerable people special women , other work on ensure the monitoring and oversight of the legal systems , and others work on building the capacities of the legal professions , specially the new generation of lawyers. We are seeking opportunities for exchange the knowledge and training programs in legal aid, human rights, child protection and other related topics.

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