The Advocate Europe idea challenge: opening November 2017

Sharing the below Opportunity from Advocate Europe - up to 12 projects will be funded with up to 50k EUR.

We encourage active civil society to share ideas for how our question can be turned into a project or initiative. Together, we want to explore:

  • What if we took the stage?
  • Ideas for democracy in Europe

The European idea brought 70 years of peace to 740 million people. What a triumph of togetherness! But in times of growing national egos and fences, how can we preserve this achievement and take it to the next level?

From late November 2017 onwards you can propose and submit non-profit ideas, initiatives and prototypes of projects that strengthen democracy in Europe.

Advocate Europe is open to civil society actors who seek financing and support to realise sustainable ideas that respond to Europe’s present challenges. These can come from fields as diverse as civic education, arts and culture, social innovation and advocacy. We fund up to 12 pioneering projects with grants of up to €50,000 each.

Since 2014, we have collected 1,100 ideas from more than 40 European countries, connected 46,000 people on our online platform and invested in 18 winning initiatives that pilot new answers for a common European future. In that vein, Advocate Europe is one of the biggest and most open opportunities for Europe’s civil society to co-shape the future of Europe with their ideas.

Get inspired by three previous winning initiatives: The campaign FreeInterRail proposes providing all EU youth turning 18 free access to travel in Europe. The container Kitchen on the Run brings refugees and locals together around a dinner table. And Refugees Welcome initiated a Europe-wide flatshare network.

To find out more about the upcoming call visit our website. Can’t wait to get started? Download our idea canvas, which can help prepare yourself and your idea. Also, you can already register here and you will be informed when the application period starts.

We are curious about your ideas for a vibrant and democratic Europe!

Your Advocate Europe Team

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Merci pour l’information

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