The Legal Empowerment Network is hiring!

Hello all,

The Legal Empowerment Network is on the search for a Global Network Associate to join our team in supporting network membership across the globe. This is a perfect entry level opportunity for someone to learn the ins and outs of building a global movement.

This person will hold a wide range of responsibilities, and will also specifically help to organize regional networking, learning, and advocacy activities across Asia. Therefore, as the starting point of our search, we’re looking for someone based in Yangon, Myanmar. We’re looking for an exceptionally resourceful individual, who is a strong communicator and detail-oriented. The right candidate must also be someone who is comfortable working with a global team, across time zones.

If you read the job description and thought to yourself “wow, that sounds perfect for me!” or “I’d hate that job, but I bet my friend would be great at it” please feel free to forward the posting on, or reach out to Jenna Hudson(@jennahudson) if you’d prefer we contact the candidate directly, or if you have any questions about the role. And please feel free to share widely on social media:

If anyone from this community knows of a good match for the position, please send this link their way.