Twitter Power Boot Camp (Social Movement Technologies)

Twitter Power Boot Camp by Social Movement Technologies

For activists and campaigners waging justice against big adversaries, and journalists

Free Palestine rally

Photo credit: Alisdaire Hickson, 2021

A 5-session series: October – November 2021 (Starting October 12) Weekly sessions on Tuesdays, 4pm Nairobi, Palestine / 2pm UK / 9am NY /10am São Paulo

Language access

The series will be held in English, with simultaneous interpretation in Arabic, French, Spanish and Portuguese (based on demand) and live captioning in English. All sessions will be recorded, with captioning in these languages as well for those who may not be able to access live sessions.

Participants will be eligible to earn a “Certificate in Twitter Power for Campaigners” based on completing all assignments (all will be reviewed by an instructor) and attending at least 3 of the sessions live. Assignments for non-English speakers can be submitted in their own language. Slides and supporting materials can be translated in all 4 languages.

Participants will:

  • Learn how activists, particularly across Africa, MENA and Europe, are using Twitter strategically to build pressure in campaigns targeting big corporate and government decision-makers and to build visibility in the media
  • Learn how journalists can develop their Twitter account to protect themselves and ensure they have allies if they need them
  • Build your account quickly and strategically, by up to 250 followers per week using free and low-cost tools and techniques (participants will implement during the series and share results)
  • Use Twitter lists and DM groups to activate followers
  • Orchestrate a Twitterstorm including the hijacking of a hashtag
  • Develop a guide using free tools to make it easy for allies to participate
  • Develop your Twitter Strategic Plan based on the needs of your campaign
  • Share options for when a government running scared tries to shut you down, and how to be prepared for it. (Participants will also have the option to form a global Twitter solidarity community.)

Movement examples from the Global South will be incorporated as much as possible, and participants with experience will be invited to share.

Enrollment will include access to this online course, parts of which will be assigned as homework. This session is recommended as background. These recordings are or will be available with captioning in 5 languages.

Time required: 3.5- 4.5 hours/week

  • 90 minutes/week live session
  • 1 hour/week prep for live session (watch assigned video)
  • 1-2 hours/week complete assignment


Global South – based organizations (Africa, MENA, Latin America, Asia)

  • Regular cost (Global South) US$250 – scholarship are available
  • Group rates up to 10 people (Global South) US$2000 ($200 per person*)
  • Group rates up to 40 people (Global South) US$6000 ($150 per person*)

Global North – based organizations (North America, Europe, parts of Oceania)

  • Regular cost (Global North) US$400 – $600 (higher end of scale if you can, to subsidize Global South registrations)
  • Group rates up to 10 people (Global North) US$3000 ($300 per person*)

*Group rates: per person rates indicated are if all seats are filled. The group rate involves one lump sum payment. Questions about group rate? Contact us.


Please** fill out this registration form** to continue to the payment process or to request a scholarship. This is also the form to use if you need to pay for a group or for someone else to participate.

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