Ukraine members: funding opportunity

This funding opportunity is geared toward Ukrainian organizations, to “strengthen the capacity of local communities to address issues related to security and access to justice, to plan their activities in these areas, to develop a legal and safe environment based on dialogue between different stakeholders, taking into account the needs of vulnerable populations.”

The maximum grant amount is UAH 450,000.


This sounds like a good opportunity for Right to Protection @scira and Legal Development Network @poltenko

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Mohammed, thank you for @ mentioning me. Just forwarded to our fundraising person. How are you?

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Boa tarde Senhores(as).

Das próximas vezes devem incluir as oportunidades de financiamento para Paralegais de Moçambique. Neste País existem Paralegais nas 10 Províncias organizados em associações que, trabalham com as comunidades locais na defesa dos direitos comunitários ligados com a Terra e outros Recursos Naturais e Desenvolvimento Sócio-Económico Local Sustentável.

Good afternoon, gentlemen.

Next time they should include funding opportunities for Paralegals from Mozambique. In this country there are Paralegals in the 10 Provinces organized in associations that, work with the local communities in the defense of the community rights linked to the Land and other Natural Resources and Sustainable Local Socio-Economic Development.