UN Paralegal Project Manager Opportunity in beautiful Solomon Islands

Hi everyone,

Writing to let you all know that UNDP Solomon Islands has a really exciting position open for a Project Manager for a paralegals project with the legal aid provider, the Public Solicitor’s Office.

Check it out. Is graded at P3, so fairly senior.


Looking forward to seeing some stellar applications from people in this fantastic network!

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Wonderful opportunity, thanks for sharing. I hope members of this network will grab the chance

Thanks Ali for your kind words. It is a really good opportunity to bring access to justice to people in this beautiful country. As someone who works here right now I can only attest to what a fantastic place it is to work. The position will be really interesting and rewarding as well. Excellent pay and conditions and a great team behind you. Do apply!

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Thanks so much for your appreciation. I am very interested with Solomon Island since now I am doing case study about land laws and one place is Solomon Island since there are some similar similarities to my Island (Zanzibar), I researched a lot and hope one day to visit.