Volunteer technical assistance from On-call Scientists

Could your work benefit from technical assistance from volunteer, professional scientists? Do you need help accessing or interpreting lab results, like soil samples? Or in designing or analyzing survey results? Or interpreting the technical details of an environmental impact assessment or development proposal?

Namati has recently connected with On-Call Scientists, a branch of the American Association for the Advancement of Science that connects NGOs and community groups with volunteer technical professionals. From On-call Scientists’ website:

On-call Scientists connects scientists, engineers, and health professionals interested in volunteering their skills and knowledge with human rights organizations that are in need of technical expertise.

Scientific knowledge, tools, and methods can be utilized by human rights organizations in a wide variety of ways to enhance human rights monitoring, reporting, research, documentation, technical training, and litigation. Specific scientific knowledge may be useful in reviewing technical reports, answering questions about evidence or methodology, or assisting in the design of a survey. Scientists, engineers, and health professionals can also be valuable in analyzing research findings, or developing or adapting new technologies to meet the specific needs of a human rights organization.

You can sign up to ‘Host’ a project or volunteer your technical skills here: [http://oncallscientists.aaas.org/] (http://oncallscientists.aaas.org/)

For more on how Human Rights organizations and scientists can collaborate, check out On-Call’s Guidelines for Scientists and Human Rights Organizations

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Thanks @marenabrinkhurst, this is an amazing initiative!

I have also published the AAAS publication titled Guidelines for Scientists and Human Rights Organizations in our resource library for further reference.

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