We’re looking for an experienced movement builder

Namati is hiring an experienced organizer and campaigner to lead our efforts to grow a global movement of people who advance environmental justice by knowing, using, and shaping the law. In collaboration with Namati teams, Network members, and other supporters and allies, this person will co-create and execute global plans of action that create opportunities for cross-border learning and inspire people around the world to take part in this movement at local, national, and global levels.

This is a senior-level role that requires organizing experience and leadership skills, as well as serving as a public advocate for the global movement. We’re looking for someone with a significant track record of success in organizing and campaigning, with the gravitas that comes from hard-won experience.

You can learn more about the position here.

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Hi Jenna. Does Namati offer volunteer opportunities?

Still avaliable? If yes, can an applicant from Abuja Nigeria apply?

Hi Daniel! Thank you for reaching out. For positions that we indicate are open globally, we’re open to where candidates are based. We are pausing our hiring for this position for a moment while our team re-evaluates our hiring needs. You can always check out our work with us page for job openings.

Hi Fletcher. Thank you for your question. There aren’t any volunteer opportunities that I’m aware of at the moment. You can see some remote volunteer opportunities at our Catchafire page. These opportunities are primarily communications, design, and technology related. Thanks again for your inquiry!