Welcome to Our Community!

:gjn_logo: Welcome to the Grassroots Justice Network Forum! :handshake:

Who We Are: We’re a global community of 12,000+ members from 175 countries, including justice defenders, activists, educators, and more. We’re passionate about addressing diverse justice issues like gender equality, land rights, and housing discrimination. Our shared goal is to empower communities facing injustice through legal empowerment.

What We Do: Our members work on the frontlines of justice struggles, uniting from different contexts to unlock solutions to major justice problems. We build power in communities, promote lasting change, and strive for a more just and sustainable world.

Our Guiding Principles:

  • Power: We empower communities to exercise their rights and engage in decision-making.
  • Justice: We use legal empowerment to combat inequality and discrimination.
  • Solidarity: We support and protect each other, welcoming diverse allies.

Join us if you’re passionate about building a just, sustainable world where everyone has a voice. Let’s build power together. :muscle: #GrassrootsJustice