Workshop on Community based research methods for environmental justice

In the field of environmental justice, compliance is one of the least understood and researched topics. Since compliance may involve scientific and technological aspects of the environment, it is mostly left to technical experts, regulatory bodies and members of the industry. It has seen almost no public engagement or community action at the field and at policy levels.

Citizen engagement in the policy and practice of environmental compliance can reduce the environmental and social impacts of development, can make them the legitimate third party in monitoring systems that is otherwise comprised of only the government and companies, and can lead to better decision making on new projects, expansions and sectoral investments.

Applications are invited from young researchers, activists and community organisations interested in working on environmental compliance of industrial and infrastructure projects. Selected applicants can attend a two day workshop on community based research methods on environmental compliance and classroom sessions on concepts and practice of compliance.

The workshop is being designed and facilitated by Kanchi Kohli and Manju Menon of Centre for Policy Research (CPR)- Namati with Bharat Patel (Gujarat) and Alok Shukla (Chhattisgarh) as resource persons. The resource persons and facilitators have used these methods for successful environmental justice work and policy analysis.

Contribution towards workshop costs: The expected contribution towards workshop costs from participants is 1750/- for three days. (The workshop will start on 23rd September afternoon and conclude on 25th evening) Participants who need waivers please do mention so in the application form.

Venue : Sambhaavnaa Institute, Village: Kandbari, Tehsil: Palampur, District: Kangra, Himachal Pradesh, PIN 176061

For more information : Phone: +91-889 422 7954, Email:

You can fill the application form here Closing the environmental compliance gap: Community based research methods for environmental justice – Sambhaavnaa