World’s Only Prize for Legal Empowerment -- Nominations and applications are now closed


Nominations now closed. Thank you!

Dear Friends,

Across the globe, grassroots organizations are combatting injustice by helping people to understand, use, and shape the laws that affect them. Few of them receive the recognition they deserve. We want to change that.

In 2015, we launched the world’s first competition to celebrate great deeds in the field of legal empowerment. This year, the biennial Grassroots Justice Prize returns – bigger and better than before.

The 2017 Grassroots Justice Prize will highlight the inspiring work being done around the world to put the power of law in people’s hands. Each winner will receive US$10,000.

The Elders, UNDP, and the World Justice Project are partnering with Namati to support the global promotion of the prize as well as the selection of the shortlisted candidates and the winners.

This year’s Grassroots Justice Prize will honor the work of non-profits, social enterprises, and public institutions with three different awards:

  • The Achmed Dean Sesay Memorial Prize for Innovation
  • The Nomboniso Nangu Maqubela Memorial Prize for Scalability and Sustainability
  • The Elders’ #WalkTogether Prize for Courage

Applicants can choose to be considered for one, two, or all three categories.

A panel of judges will determine the winners of the first two prizes and will shortlist candidates for the third, which will then be put to a public vote.

For more information, visit

The deadline for applications was Sunday, November 26th. Nominations were received by Friday, November 10th.


Iam Davie Chisiza ,the executive director of the Paralegal Resources Centre,a member of the Global Legal Empowerment Network, we would like to take part in the Grassroots Justice Prize,am abit confused because the deadline is indicate 24 November and the date of nominations 10 November are we late to apply? we need clarification because our application is ready for submission.

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Hi Davie,

The deadline to apply is November 24, so if your application is ready to go, send it to

You can find all the information on the justice prize site linked below, let me know if you have any other doubt!

Good luck!


Hello @daviechisiza and welcome to our forum! We are glad you have joined us. The work you are doing in Malawi to provide much needed legal advice to the most vulnerable is laudable and important. You will find good friends here in the network so we hope you visit often.

Just to reinforce what Luciana wrote - you have until the 24th to complete and return the justice prize application. The nomination period had to end earlier to give us a chance to invite all the organizations that were nominated to apply!

Everything is explained on the justice prize website, and you can always ask @lucianabercovich questions by email to

Good luck! :seedling: