Writing grant proposals

A few informative Guides for Writing Grant Proposals:

A free short tutorial on grant writing from the Foundation Center - http://foundationcenter.org/getstarted/tutorials/shortcourse/index.html

Detailed information on writing grant proposals from Non-profit Guides, who focus on grant-writing tools for non-profit organizations: http://www.npguides.org/

Another helpful site for writing successful grant proposals: http://www.mcf.org/nonprofits/successful-grant-proposal

Do you know of any other useful guides or have any tips on writing successful grant proposals?


Thanks Michael for the tutorials


I am glad you are finding them useful, Faith. Are any of them particularly helpful?

They can also be found in our resource database at the links below: Short proposal writing course online Grant writing tools for non-profit organizations Writing successful grant proposals

We also encourage members to upload other helpful resources that have been helpful with fundraising efforts too!

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Thanks Michael that was so useful

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