Zoom workshop - Grounding in Community Care for Digital Security (Invite Only)

Hello everyone! I came across this free online learning opportunity today and thought of the legal empowerment network. Digital security is so important, for everyone but especially for community organizers. If you attend, please report back on what you learn! :hugs:

Grounding in Community Care for Digital Security (Invite Only)

In this non-technical workshop, we explore how tools like peer support and care pod mapping put collective digital security within reach by grounding our technical practices in community care.

Digital and Information security impact our livelihoods and physical safety as well as our mental health and ability to organize our communities. The majority of existing digital security resources focus on how we, as individuals, can use tools to secure our personal data, apps, devices, and more. As a result, these resources don’t always fully address all the dimensions of safety in movement work. Additionally, the sheer amount of information out there can be overwhelming and is often outdated.

How can we better equip ourselves to make the most of digital security resources and trainings?

During this workshop we will apply lessons from holistic security and healing justice to elevate our digital security practices by grounding them in community care. Safety is a collective endeavor and through the application of tools such as peer support and care pod mapping, digital security can be more easily accessed.

Following this workshop we will also share a curation of community care and digital security resources through which you can begin applying the tools and practices we will have co-created during this workshop.

Note: A feedback session will be held exactly one week after this workshop. We ask that attendees of this workshop also attend the feedback session to help us shape the future of this workshop.

Free registration at this link.

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Hello Tobia, thanks for sharing this. It’s very helpful and a sure way for everyone to be digitally abreast of security and a way to stay on point. This is kind of you, pls do get in touch for us to keep pace with the training about time, cross-examination of ideas, and social impact on benefits of what this training stands to offer.

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Hi Yusuf! I am not attending the workshop myself but do hope some other community members do! All the details are in the registration link, reposting it here:


It’s a two-part workshop on 25 August and 1 September. Timing is best for the western hemisphere, unfortunately for you in Nigeria. Sorry!

There are plenty of resources about digital security available online, though, so you can beef up your skills Here’s one you can take a look at:

There’s also a digital helpline at DIGITAL SECURITY HELPLINE - Access Now and help@accessnow.org - a link you should try to remember. They can advise you and also help you if you ever come under attack:

We are a free-of-charge resource for civil society around the world. We offer real-time, direct technical assistance and advice to civil society groups & activists, media organizations, journalists & bloggers, and human rights defenders.

The Helpline will walk you or your organization through assessing the risks you face in your work, and together we’ll prioritize your digital security needs. We’ll help you resolve existing problems, teach you some of the most important best practices, and help you get into a secure mindset for the future.