Blue Economy Conference

I was part of the just ended Nairobi Conference with my team as delegates courtesy of the Kenya Government. The Blue economy conference the biggest ever in my Country Kenya saw entries of 183 head of states, and over 20 thousand exhibitors and delegates. All governments had contact point including US Army as the lead. I took my turns in different halls going by topic of interest and secured a mutual contact with 13 governments including JICA and WIMA. South Africa Government of Durban City followed me to Mombasa where I introduced them to my local government and Administration and we shall no longer remain sister Cities by paper only for they are facilitating an exchange program soonest. This is good news to me that I felt I should share as legal network is crucial worldwide. The Blue ocean and the lakes treasure underneath is worth trillions that have set the world mindset to innovation and value addition. Onug pwani my team have been on this for two years now as we use seaweeds to create shampoos, lotions, hair food etc and have always been ignored as we prayed for machinery. Let’s be part of the Trillions .


Very interesting - thanks for sharing. Can you share a link to a website with more info, or news reports?


Thank you @tobiaseigen.



Fish will be soon out of menus by 2020.

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Well done , Netwoking build and strengthen relationship and one can leverage on others resources, Is there any way we can be part of this great opportunity from Nigeria