Grants for Gender Justice activists and organizations

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Yesterday I connected with a former colleague of mine who is now working for Urgent-Action Fund Africa. She was telling me about some of their grants, rapid response grants available on an ongoing basis, to support women’s rights activists and organizations. And their sister organizations, Urgent Action Fund and Urgent Action Fund Latin America provide, similar grants for those working in Central Asia, the Middle East, Eastern or Western Europe, The South Caucasus, Canada, Russia, Turkey, the United States, and Latin America.

All three organizations provide rapid response protection grants for those being persecuted for their women’s rights work, and opportunity grants to leverage an unexpected moment or opportunity for advocacy or mobilization that may result in advancements for women’s rights.

The Africa chapter is of particular interest as it has a grant specifically for funding ‘Justice and the Rule of Law’ efforts as a way of advancing and promoting women’s rights.

Here are the links to the relevant pages on the three sites:

Urgent Action Fund Africa -

Urgent Action Fund Latin America - RAPID RESPONSE GRANTS | Fondo de Acción Urgente de América Latina y el Caribe

Urgent Action Fund (Europe, Middle East, Central America, etc.) - Urgent Action Fund | Types of Grants & Criteria


Thank you for sharing @mckinleycharles.

With NRF we have tried reaching out to them, awaiting response. Currently @Nubian Rights Forum is undertaking a GBV program and they have a case currently in court on defilement of a young girl. We do hope they will respond and support @Nubian Rights Forum.


Hello Aisha, What is the activity of NRF? Do you have a website? I support you morally and wish you all the best. Alexandar

Received by email from @QaisarIqbal:

Thanks for your email and sharing of funding opportunities for basic human rights etc. It is your great contribution towards basic human rights awareness.

Is it possible to share experiences/practices and seek your guidance???

Looking forward to your response.

Hi Qaisar! Thanks for your kind encouragement. Indeed, access to info about funding opportunities is a valuable benefit of being part of the Global Legal Empowerment Network. We’re glad you are here and glad you appreciate the sharing that is going on. :seedling:

The work you are doing at Rural Community Development Society (RCDS) in Pakistan looks really interesting and valuable. Thank you for doing it!

To share experiences/practices, I suggest you try to click through to the topics in the email summary from the forum. Then you can log in and read the full discussions and reply to add your questions and insights. Also, you can join the upcoming community call where you can have an opportunity to introduce your organization. Details: