Research funding oportunity: GCRF Resilient, Inclusive and Sustainable Cities (RISC)

Hi all, members working on Legal empowerment and access to justice in cities, could be interested in this opportunity.

GCRF Resilient, Inclusive and Sustainable Cities (RISC)

Principal Investigator: Prof Paul van Gardingen
Contact: Prof Paul van Gardingen,
Countries focussed on: Global
Seeking: We are open to all partners, from research to business, civil society and governments

More people now live in cities and urban areas than any other; the imperative to improve the lives of all urban dwellers has never been greater. By 2030 globally, around 1 billion more people will live in cities resulting from the combination of population growth and urban migration. The provision of resilient, inclusive and sustainable future cities to address these expanded populations is an example of a multidimensional and complex development challenge that requires radical new thinking.

Whilst the increasing rate of urbanisation creates many well-documented problems, it also creates opportunities for transformative change. Responding to this challenge, the GCRF Hub for Resilient, Inclusive and Sustainable Cities (RISC) will provide world-class interdisciplinary research to drive the transformation of cities of the future in low and middle income countries.

We are actively seeking partnerships in cities in low and middle income countries. In response to the universality of the SDGs, we also welcome partnerships in any high income city able to cover their own costs.


Hola, miren esta oportunidad @laulacayo @RenataEscudero @SebastianPilo @pablovitale @AlvaroOrbeaCavallos @SusanaSaavedra, @raquelludermir @zalbino

Thanks for sharing this great opportunity, Luciana! I hope you don’t mind but I edited your post to add #sdgs tag and to make clear which text is quoted and not your own. Generally this is a good idea when sharing information from other websites.

If sustainable cities is going to become a common theme for discussion and sharing, we can start a new tag for that as well - I think it could be interesting.

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excelente,muchas gracias Luciana por la información la compartiré con la directora e instituciones de la sociedad civil…

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Wonderful, excellent. It is of immense importance for me to be able to contribute something that may help improve lives. I am worried that you may not comprehend to the fullest extent the destitution in our lives. I am from the National Capital Territory of Delhi, India, rape capital of the world 2nd., only to Brazil. Moving population of people - 22 million; two wheelers over 65 million registered in Delhi besides another equal number from neighbouring towns; over 10 million cars etc. The entire city is a massive garbage dump, gas chamber and sewer - we live inside. While contributing to your compilation, I pray you will remember that I am an illiterate - ignoramus and can only write what I feel. In solidarity - Aurobindo Mukerji

The Global Village Forum Chakwal IGO International Chakwal IGO International which stands registered in Pakistan and the state of Texas (USA) has the following program for legal Empowerment:

(i) Employing Legal Practitioners in Cities and District levels of Pakistan for defending the rights of the poor in the court of law, (ii) Coverage of the Risk Insurance of the Certified Human Rights Defenders in Human Rights, Peace and Justice for their lives , dependents and properties in view of peculiar circumstances i.e. given threat of lives and property for the Human Rights Activists.

Our Regular email ID is