[Training] Using Petitions Strategically for People Power by Social Movement Technologies

Training: Using Petitions Strategically for People Power

By Social Movement Technologies

January 11th, 18th, 25th: Weekly sessions on Tuesdays, 4pm Nairobi, Palestine / 2pm UK / 9am NY /10am São Paulo.

  • Petitions aren’t usually effective if we deliver them and then wait for a response. So how can we use them most powerfully?
  • The free petition alternative to Change.org that enables us to keep all the data of our petition signers and re-contact them as needed
  • Effectively identifying your petition target
  • Designing and writing an effective petition for your campaign, including the “hero’s journey” narrative to significantly broaden your supporter base
  • Mapping out your escalation plan
  • Using multiple social media channels and platforms to expand a petition’s visibility
  • Creative petition tactics when some of your base only has access to WhatsApp
  • Building your tech stack – your combination of tools that work together – to maximize impact

Language access on all sessions

The series will be held in English, with simultaneous interpretation in Arabic, French, Spanish and Portuguese (based on demand) and live captioning in English. All sessions will be recorded, with captioning in these languages as well for those who may not be able to access live sessions. Slides and supporting materials will be translated in all 4 languages.

Movement examples from different continents will be incorporated throughout, and participants with experience will be invited to share.


Free for almost everyone across the Global South. (Pay only if your organization has a budget of over US$500,000/year.) Register here directly on Zoom

If based in Europe or North America: US$ 200 per person. Pay using form below, adding the name of the registrant in the Notes field if different from who is paying. Then register here on Zoom.

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Hello, can I learn more about this?

Dear @nashmeister , you can find more information about this training here.

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