We're looking for a gender, land, and environmental justice consultant!

We have an exciting new opportunity to work with Namati and the Grassroots Justice Network. We are looking for a Gender and Land and Environmental Justice consultant! :raised_hands: We’re searching for someone who can support an upcoming learning exchange on gender transformative land and environmental justice, document key learnings shared at the exchange, and produce a multimedia toolkit that captures these insights.

This is a unique opportunity to capture learnings in partnership with a Network of grassroots organizations working to advance gender and environmental justice. Please let me know if you’re interested or know someone in your network who might be a good fit – and share widely! :pray:

We are currently accepting proposals until the deadline of October 6th, 2023. The work would begin immediately and continue through the learning exchange in Feb/March 2024 and through the publication and dissemination of the toolkit in April/May 2024.

Please click here to read the Request for Proposals with more details on the role, and submit a proposal if you’re interested and available.

Hi Akhila, I hòpe all is well. Iam interested on this job opportunity. Please advise

Hello Allen. Thank you for your interest! The request for proposals link is here, and provides more information on what you’ll need to send in with your application. Looking forward to it!

Dear Akhila,

This serves to acknowledge receipt of your email. Pleäse forgive me, if possible share template for the proposal. Thank you Allen

Dear Allen, we don’t have a set template for the proposal, but we ask that it includes the elements noted in the request for proposals link I shared. Thank you so much.

Dear Akhila

Please find attached Proposal on "Gender and Land and Environmental Justice Consultant, Namati"

Thank you Allen Mwangonde

Final version proposal on Gender and Land and Environmental Justice_Allen Mwangonde_v18.09.23.pdf (958 KB)

Thank you, Allen, received.

Well received with thanks.

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Good Morning Akhila

This serves as a follow up on the application

Thank you Allen

Hi Allen, We’ve received your application and it is currently being reviewed. Thanks so much!

Haloo Akhila, Thank you for your kind response. How is the weather today?


In Kenya, there is a need for sensitization of stakeholders. in land transactions. I hope this video will be of help.